Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Advisors, and Parents, 

     It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the third annual Southern China International Model United Nations (SCIMUN) conference. My name is Marcel Lee and I have the honor to serve as the Secretary General of SCIMUN 2018, which will be held from March 22nd to 24th, 2018. 

     SCIMUN 2018 strives to advance the achievements of the past conferences and further develop SCIMUN’s identity. Equipped with lessons from the previous SCIMUN experience, we will diligently continue the established tradition and rigorously follow the core founding values. SCIMUN 2018 aims to reiterate its professional atmosphere with prudently-chosen global topics. Delegates, once again, will learn to cooperate and compose a trenchant resolution to tackle the issues. Furthermore, we encourage the delegates to seek international-mindedness and to increase awareness of their role as global citizens at our three-day simulation. With a passionate, sincere attitude, we promise to fully support our delegates and guide them to enjoy a memorable SCIMUN experience. 

     SCIMUN 2018’s overarching theme is “International Security”. The sustainable development of our world cannot be implemented without the guarantee of mutual survival and safety. Acknowledging this, the leaders of the world are underscoring the necessity to strengthen the security, stability, and safety of our planet. As a component of the globalization, SCIMUN will fulfill its obligation and respond to the need of the world by pursuing how individual members of the society can contribute to the enhancement of the global security. In addition, “International Security” is crucial to the firmer installation of our conference. We hope to host more participants from all corners of the world and secure our identity as a global platform of versatile education. These ideals, consolidated together at SCIMUN 2018, will demonstrate their synergy by becoming a motivational force for sustainable development of our future world. 

     Two past SCIMUN conferences, under the leadership of former Secretary Generals, have earned a reputation for rectitude. Thus, our past themes — “Sustainability” and the “Rule of Law” — will be incorporated into the 3rd SCIMUN conference as a guiding principle. Operating under the constitution enacted by Mark Shen, the founder of SCIMUN, SCIMUN 2018 declares to be student-led, student-initiated, and student-involved. Moreover, we look forward to hosting both experienced and novice delegates and witnessing their growth here at SCIMUN. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries, suggestions, or concerns regarding SCIMUN. 

     I cordially invite you to join us at SCIMUN 2018.



Secretary General

Marcel Lee 


    Southern China International Model United NA­­­­­­tions

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