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Where is Southern China International Model United Nations located? What are the conference dates?

     We are located in Shekou, Shenzhen, China. Specifically, our conference will be held at the Nanhai Hilton in the Shekou area; it will be in very close proximity to Sea World, which is considered a popular culinary landmark in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a bustling, economic city located at the South East tip of China and it is very close to Hong Kong. We plan to hold our three-day conference from March 22 to 24th of 2018!

Three-day conference? How does that work?

     SCIMUN's schedule will operate according to a typical MUN conference. Essentially, there will be an opening ceremony, then all the delegates will find themselves within their specific conference rooms and begin opening speeches and policy debate on the assigned topics. Opening speeches and policy debate will continue on until the very end of the second day; by then, all resolutions will have been reviewed and uploaded onto our website.  The third conference day will be the General Assembly; it will encompass all delegates within the conference. Moreover, delegates representing one country will adjoin and form a contingent. In the General Assembly, one passed resolution from each committee will be presented by the main speaker; there will then be debate and a General Assembly vote on the resolution.

Does SCIMUN 2018 provide meals?

     Each of the hotel plans will definitely include breakfast for all three conference days. Unfortunately, SCIMUN will not be providing any lunch or dinner meals for delegates. However, we will be providing luxurious snacks twice a day during large committee breaks. Also, the conference venue is located near Sea World, which is widely known to provide visitors with a palate of international cuisines to choose from.

What are the hotel options?

     As we approach the SCIMUN conference date, we will be providing all interested schools/institutions with detailed information about room costs. There will be two options; either, the delegation may choose to book rooms at the Hilton for three nights, or, the delegation may stay at another, more economic option located in Sea World. Both hotels will provide all delegations with breakfast.

What are the age and experience limitations at the SCIMUN conference?

     We require that all delegates attending the SCIMUN conference be placed between Grade 8-Grade 12  within their respective institutions. We definitely do not discourage students with little or no MUN experience to attend SCIMUN, as we are well equipped to provide delegates with resources. Moreover, our committee chairs are instructed to teach and support delegates in need of any kind of guidance.

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