Important Note on the Topic of Amendments:

As part of our initiative to be as sustainable and paper-free as possible, we will require delegates to send all amendments through email format. Chairs will approve or disapprove of these amendments on a case by case basis, taking into account several factors such as time constraints and the feasibility. The committee emails at which the amendments are to be sent are as follows:

Security Council:

     In order to maintain order and a sense of uniformity, SCIMUN will require all amendments to be sent in a specific format. If chairs notice any deviation from the format, they can choose to disregard the amendment. Thus, make sure the amendment you send is in the proper format. The format is as follows: 

E-mail Subject: "Country Name of Main Submitter (MS)"_"Simplified Topic Name as Found on the Background Papers Section"_"Your Country's Name"_"Amendment"


"Previous/Original Clause"


"Suggested Clause With Underlines for Changes"

Thank You,

"Your Country Name"

 Confused by the above formatting for the E-mail Subject?

Here are a few examples:

  1. China(MS)_MicroFinance_Nigeria_Amendment
  2. United States of America(MS)_CombattingBokoHaram_Iceland_Amendment
  3. Venezuela(MS)_LocalTraditions_India_Amendment

The first example would be sent to the ECOSOC/WHO address

The second example would be sent to the Disarmament address

The final example would be sent to the Human Rights address.

If you're still unsure, please ask your chairs for assistance. They would be happy to help.
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