Marcel Lee | Secretary General
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Marcel Lee is a senior at Quality School International (QSI) Shenzhen. Marcel has participated in numerous regional and international Model United Nation conferences. He started his MUN career in junior high and demonstrated his acumen in diplomacy throughout his MUN career. His interest is in foreign affairs and international relations. Marcel’s life goal is to mediate disputes between global powers as a judge of International Court of Justice. He served as the co-chair of the UN Security Council committee in SCIMUN 2016 and as the Deputy Secretary general in SCIMUN 2017. In the upcoming SCIMUN 2018, he is honored to serve as the Secretary General. His MUN motto, which he learned from the Best Delegate summer camp, is “Best delegate makes best out of others”. He is excited to witness the fruitful debates and growth of the delegate in SCIMUN 2018. Outside of MUN, Marcel plays basketball and volleyball. He also enjoys playing guitar and listening to classic rock and blues music.
Marco Nie | Deputy Secretary General
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Marco Nie is a junior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. He has embarked on his MUN journey since middle school and has always been a dedicated individual towards global politics and international relations. Marco was born in Tokyo, Japan but has lived in Shenzhen, China for the past 10 years. Marco has several experiences as both a delegate and a chair throughout his MUN career. He has been participating SCIMUN since its first conference as a co-chair of the ECOWHO committee in 2016 and a co-chair of the Security Council in 2017. Outside of MUN, Marco has taken a roll in several leadership positions. He was former Vice President of the MUN & Debate club and current President of the club, the Vice President of the Student Council, Vice President of the Esports Club, and membership roles in 3 other clubs and organizations in QSI. As the Deputy Secretary General of SCIMUN 2018, Marco hopes to uphold the integrity and professionalism of the conference and the office in which he is about to enter.
John Thompson | SCIMUN advisor
Vidhan Surana | Chief of Staff
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Vidhan Surana is a senior at QSI International School of Shenzhen, and is considering commerce and politics as his majors in college. He was born in Pune, India but was almost immediately brought to Shenzhen and has grown up in this beautiful city. Despite this, he still has strong ties with the Indian culture, along with the internationality of the city. This open-mindedness led him to discover the influential nature of the United Nations. Since then he has attended four conferences including SCIMUN last year as a delegate of the Security Council and won Outstanding Delegate for his efforts. This last experience empowered him to provide others with a similar experience. Aside from MUN, he also has a fervent desire to make change in other ways and has led and is a part of Habitat for Humanity, the National Honor Society, as well as Love Without Boundaries. He is looking forward to creating a memorable experience for you as well as himself at his last MUN conference, SCIMUN 2018.
Louis Kim | Chief Financial Officer
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Louis Kim is a senior at QSI International School of Shenzhen, considering Psychology, Business Marketing or Management as his major and possibly future career. After his first contribution to SCIMUN at SCIMUN 2017, assisting the Deputy Secretary General as an admin staff, he is more than honored and willing to serve as the Chief Financial Officer for the upcoming conference in 2018. Born in Seoul, Korea, yet raised more years in Shenzhen than in Korea, he has been highly exposed to an international environment, attending an international school. The combination of his cross-cultural background with multilingual ability led him to his interest and passion towards Model United Nations. Aside from MUN, he is also an ardent athlete playing for Volleyball and Football Varsity Team at school. He is looking forward to SCIMUN 2018, the very last conference which will let his 5-year-long MUN career come to an end.
Tatsuhiko Suzuki | Chief Press Officer
Tatsuhiko Suzuki is a Junior at QSI International School of Shenzhen who has a passion in film. He is also a film student who has done a lot with film and journalism at school and is considering pursuing one of these to be his major even after high school in university. With his participation in the past SCIMUN conferences as a normal press member his first year as a Freshman and the next year as Head of Press the second year of SCIMUN as a sophomore, he has the experience and the qualification to become a great Chief of Press for the upcoming SCIMUN 2018 conference. He would like to use SCIMUN as a platform to experience all the different aspects of film he has previously learnt and apply to the conference to capture the extraordinary and memorable experiences of all the participants. SCIMUN is a professional Model United Nations Conference and he would like to use media and film to further spread these happy moments to everyone.
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