Under the leadership of Mark Shen, as Secretary General of SCIMUN 2016, his cabinet, and their advisor, Kyle Mims, the first SCIMUN conference was able to host delegates from schools across China. It was held in the Shekou Nanhai Hilton and lasted for three days. It included the committees: Security Council, Disarmament, Human Rights, Economic/Social/Health; along with a congregate General Assembly on the final conference day. The first SCIMUN conference required excruciating planning and dedication and was considered to be a phenomenal success at the end of the event. SCIMUN 2016's overarching theme was 'Sustainability' and this is where our conference was declared to be paper-free.  SCIMUN 2017 successfully upheld the qualities of the first conference.  Nishant Aswani, Secretary General of   SCIMUN 2017, and the new advisor, John Thompson, cooperated with their team to bring innovation to SCIMUN while maintaining its core values. On top of the previous year’s subject ‘Sustainability’, the second SCIMUN conference adhered to its theme ‘Rule of Law’ and established a solid foundation for future conferences. With its tremendous achievements, SCIMUN 2017 marked the begining of the SCIMUN traditions. SCIMUN 2018 aims to continue the integrity of the past conferences.

Our Ideals at SCIMUN
Student Leadership 
We declare our conference to be student-initiated, student-led, and student-involved.
Global Connection
We connect our internationally-minded delegates with current  global issues.  
We strive to deliver an authentic conference experience through professional setting.
We declare our conferences to be essentially paper-free. All resources and essential documents are handled digitally.

Marcel Lee
Secretary General
Marco Nie
Deputy Secretary General
John Thompson
SCIMUN Advisor
Vidhan Surana
Chief of Staff
Louis Kim
Chief Financial Officer
Tatsuhiko Suzuki
Chief Press Officer
    Southern China International Model United NA­­­­­­tions

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